2020 Sunday Night Football Schedule, Dates, Live TV Times

Latest update of Sunday Night Football TV schedule for the 2020 NFL season, with start times and channels for every Sunday Night Football game. How to watch Sunday Night Football free HD TV channel for every SNF games. Sunday Night Football Live stream free on all smart devices.

Sunday Night Football 2020 Schedule NBC Sports

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2020 Sunday Night Football Schedule

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Where Can I Watch Sunday Night Football Live Stream?

Kickoff : September 10, 2020
Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans Live

Week 1 : September 13, 2020
Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams Live

Week 2 : September 20
New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks Live

Week 3 : September 27
Green Bay Packers vs New Orleans Saints Live

Week 4 : October 4
Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers Live

Week 5 : October 11
Minnesota Vikings vs Seattle Seahawks Live

Week 6 : October 18
Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers Live

Week 7 : October 25
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Las Vegas Raiders Live

Week 8 : November 1
Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Live

Week 9 : November 8
New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Live

Week 10 : November 15
Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots Live

Week 11 : November 22
Kansas City Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders Live

Thanksgiving : November 26
Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live

Week 12 : November 29
Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Live

Week 13 : December 6
Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs Live

Week 14 : December 13
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Buffalo Bills Live

Week 15 : December 20
San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys Live

Week 16 : December 27
Tennessee Titans vs Green Bay Packers Live

Some people don’t even know that they can watch the game live or on tape. Well, there is a way to do this now and that is through their smart phones and tablets. With the new technology, you can see Sunday Night Football Live and all of the action right on your screen.

One of the best things that will happen in the future is when people have access to a Saturday night NFL game on their laptop. They don’t even have to use a TV set anymore because they can see the game in real time with their Smartphone. This is something that only a few years ago was not possible.

With the proliferation of the internet, you can even join the NFL online. The one thing about going online is that it makes sense that you have to pay a small membership fee for the ability to see all of the games live. This isn’t anything compared to what people pay for TV.

Sunday Night Football Live Free on FOX TV Channel & Yahoo Sports

You can even watch Sunday Night Football Lives right from your mobile phone. This makes it very convenient to watch the game on the go. There is no longer any excuse to miss your favorite team playing because you didn’t have an open channel.

When you start to watch Sunday Night Football Live, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get access to it. This is a great thing for sports fans to have access to. It’s a great way to catch up on your football viewing habits.

While you’re watching Sunday Night Football Live, you can see all of the games being played in the NFL. When you watch Sunday Night Football Lives on your mobile phone, you’ll never have to miss your favorite team again. Go online today and check out all of the exciting NFL Sunday Night Football online.